Halloween is around the corner!

We all know Halloween is around the corner, so we are starting with some stunning Halloween looks early this year. For our first look we have selected this beauty! It looks extremely technical, but can be replicated by just focusing on a little part of it at a time.

This look was created by the amazingly talented Amanda Reese.

When starting a look like this it is important to prepare the skin appropriately by using the best skincare available. Products used here are Senegence range of skincare products as well as Senegence make up products. The eye look is what is focused on, and the products used are:

  1. Onyx Shadowsense: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2465/Onyx%20Crme%20to%20Powder%20ShadowSense?distributorId=663179
  2. Black Eyeliner Pencil: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2083/Black%20EyeSense%20Long%20Lasting%20Eye%20Liner%20Pencil?distributorId=663179
  3. Silver Shimmer Shadowsense: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2434A/Silver%20Shimmer%20ShadowSense?distributorId=663179
  4. Glam Doll Lipsense for a dramatic finish to this look: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/1283/Glam%20Doll%20LipSense?distributorId=663179
I challenge you to try this for yourself! Happy practising!