Halloween is around the corner!

We all know Halloween is around the corner, so we are starting with some stunning Halloween looks early this year. For our first look we have selected this beauty! It looks extremely technical, but can be replicated by just focusing on a little part of it at a time.

This look was created by the amazingly talented Amanda Reese.

When starting a look like this it is important to prepare the skin appropriately by using the best skincare available. Products used here are Senegence range of skincare products as well as Senegence make up products. The eye look is what is focused on, and the products used are:

  1. Onyx Shadowsense: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2465/Onyx%20Crme%20to%20Powder%20ShadowSense?distributorId=663179
  2. Black Eyeliner Pencil: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2083/Black%20EyeSense%20Long%20Lasting%20Eye%20Liner%20Pencil?distributorId=663179
  3. Silver Shimmer Shadowsense: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2434A/Silver%20Shimmer%20ShadowSense?distributorId=663179
  4. Glam Doll Lipsense for a dramatic finish to this look: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/1283/Glam%20Doll%20LipSense?distributorId=663179
I challenge you to try this for yourself! Happy practising!

Stunning Toasted Shadowsense look!

This look was created by Amanda Reese.

The focus is on the eyes, and illustrates a great look for day and evening using a trio of Shadowsense colors., namely Fairy Dust Shimmer, Americano and French Roast.

Shadowsense are cream to powder eye shadow colors that are long-lasting and easily blendable. Experience long-lasting, rich eye shadow shades that start as a crème and finish as a powder on the eyes. Shades can be worn separately or blended to create new colors and looks. Choose from Matte or Shimmer shades. Use to accent, highlight, contour or line eyes. Formula includes anti-aging SenePlex Complex™ for protection of the delicate eye area. Created by Senegence.

Shadowsense is best applied with a small, soft eyeshadow brush. Dab the color on your eyelid gently, then blend with the brush. It is often easier to start with the crease color (Americano), blend well, then add the darker color on the outside of the lid, blend well inwards and upwards, and then add the lightest color (Fairy Dust Shimmer) on the inside of the lid. Finally blend with soft strokes to make sure there is a smooth transition from one color to the next, avoiding stark lines.

To recreate this look, you can get the colors here:

Fairy Dust Shimmer Shadowsense:  https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2619/Fairy%20Dust%20Shimmer%20%20Limited%20Edition!?distributorId=663179

Americano Shadowsense: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2557/Americano%20ShadowSense?distributorId=663179

French Roast Shadowsense: https://shop.senegence.com/en-us/product/2558/French%20Roast%20ShadowSense?distributorId=663179

Hello LipSense Fanatics

Hi my name is Marietjie (pronounced Marie-kee) and I want to tell you about my LipSense by Senegence Experience. I am a self employed, mother and grandmother and I joined Senegence a few years ago after being introduced to the amazing products.

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